​​​​​​​​KBS Projects

Custom Home remodeling

KBS Projects uses it's extensive reclaimed wood experience to build and market a collection

of home essentials inspired by everyday life and the fundamental simplicity and functionality that is so typical of New York City.

The furniture is marketed under the

name of Made Of New York. Each piece

of furniture is built using reclaimed

New York City timber salvaged from

structures throughout the city. Our

expertise is taking the timbers of

New York City's past and translating

them into home furnishings that contain

both a history and a contemporary design.

We have chosen to perform minimal

treatment of the wood in favor of

sustaining it's naturally worn beauty and

charm. We practice a local, 

environmentally friendly production

process using only water based stains

and sealers, wood plugs and dowels

and as few machine applications as


The furniture has been featured on

pop-up sites such as Fab.com, and

enthusiasticlly reviewed by Huffington Post,

Apartment Therapy, Gardendesign.com

& Red Dog Run.

Please contact us to request a catalog of stock items or custom pieces of your own design.